Every one desires to wear comfy dresses with a perfect look. You may see a noticeable difference
between the dresses you buy from boutiques and the ones you get from your tailors. J and R boutique is
providing you a all in one package where you will be served with every thing of your own personal
interest including fabric, style, material, size and quality.
The major and visible difference in the dresses like business suits, bridal dress, formal dress, casual
dresses and every day use garments made by tailors and the once you purchase from the shops or
boutiques ? Clothes that are made by tailors often seem to be uncomfortable and failed in giving a
professional look in dresses like those that are purchased from boutique.
The tailoring services offering on our J & R formal boutique are different from the services of other
tailors because we care for your money as well as your ease. J & R boutique is offering fabrics from
natural fiber. We are also selling and supplying all kinds of quality fabrics that will give you satisfaction
and comfort as well. You do not have to wear jackets and upper coats to hide the mishaps of your
dresses especially the ones made from polyester fabrics. We will give you the lining of your choice inside
dress so you may not feel irritated and fed up. As in many dresses you want to take them off as soon as
possible because they make you sweat and the polyester lining sticks to your back.
We believe to give you the long lasting quality classic styles. The maintenance of our garments will also
be easier and its quite safe to keep your dresses. You may also not have to worry about the wastage of
your investment as we guarantee you that you will you never go wrong with our style clothes as they are
prepared with the finest quality of fabrics.
We take time to listen to our clients carefully and hear what kind of fabrics they want us to prepare for
them. We show them the samples and after that start to prepare garments. All this procedure takes
time in delivering the order but will give you the guaranteed quality work that will give you complete
satisfaction and happiness.

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