We all desire to buy the best quality of dresses for our casual as well as formal use. A good and comfortable fabric also creates a difference in the value and level of clothes. J & R formal boutique is here to give you the fine quality of dresses from all aspects including fabric, style, material etc. The fabric we provide you is of natural fiber that is specifically made of natural materials to give you a cozy and warm feel.

J & R boutique cares for your comfort that is why we focus on the fabric along with price, style and appearance. Natural fibers include linen, cotton, wool or silk. It is important to choose your fabric wisely because you may buy a fiber that consists of chemicals such as polyester fabric and you are not even aware of that. These kind of fabrics undergo a lot of extensive processing to create a soft material of fabrics. But they are surely not good for you. J & R is providing you the fabric made of natural fibers as they are lesser toxic than polyester and synthetic ones. Our fabrics also last longer and remain sustainable because of the use of natural fibers in it? Apart from fabric we are also offering multiple varieties of clothes within an affordable and convincing price. At J & R Formal boutique we provide you dresses of all sizes and materials according to you wish and order. You will get the complete authority to order as you desire to have. We take time to listen to our clients carefully and hear what kind of fabrics they want us to prepare for them.

We show our clients the samples and after that start to prepare garments. All this procedure takes time in delivering the order but will give you the guaranteed quality work that will give you complete satisfaction and happiness. What are you waiting for? Grab this ultimate opportunity of getting all at one place.

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