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J & R Formal Boutique The best variety of fabrics

We all desire to buy the best quality of dresses for our casual as well as formal use. A good and comfortable fabric also creates a difference in the value and level of clothes. J & R formal boutique is here to give you the fine quality of dresses from all aspects including fabric, style, […]

Specific to You

When it comes to a wedding dress or a formal gown, the last thing you want issomething everyone else has. Even beautiful dresses still carry the generic quality,simply because it is not specific to you. Whether it’s your special day or special occasion,you want YOU to shine through.And we at J & R Formal Boutique […]

J & R Formal boutique

Every one desires to wear comfy dresses with a perfect look. You may see a noticeable differencebetween the dresses you buy from boutiques and the ones you get from your tailors. J and R boutique isproviding you a all in one package where you will be served with every thing of your own personalinterest including […]